How To Sell Or Rent Your Commercial Space

The following guide will assist you to advertise your commercial space for selling or renting basis.  lai chi kok office rental

Knowing your current situation  

If you have a floor that is not being used in the building you need to check if the organisation is able to lease it out. In the event that the company is under wong chuk hang office rental basis, then the contract should be checked to ensure that subleasing can be done. Different areas have different laws that might be an obstacle for your business, so the laws should be checked with the respective local council. If there are any restrictions for certain businesses by the council, then the organisation should not sell or lease the space to those in the restricted markets.  

How much? 

Determining the rent should be the next step. Based on the rents or selling price, you can decide on the price that your property should stand in the market. If the commercial space is in an area with a train station, airport or city entre you can have a higher office rent or selling price.  

The amenities 

If the property that is available for purchase or lease is fully furnished the price ca be higher too. Once again this can be compared to the other properties on sale in the same area.  

Online marketing 

Technology continues to advance which allows you to conduct online marketing and advertising strategies. Properties can be listed in real estate websites, newspaper and other local community websites.  

Word of mouth 

Since the dawn of time of the business world, the marketing strategy word of mouth has become a very strong tool. You can have your friends and family tell their associates from work or their friends and family about the property available for rent or purchase.  

The information 

the correct information must be made known to the public before you get your inquiries. Ensure that you mention if you want to rent the space or if it available for purchase. The dimensions and the facilities can be outlined which will help the interested parties to decide if they want to come and see the place.  

Keep the office space clean 

Have the area cleaned and ready so that when potential buyers can come visit. Wax all floors and vacuuming the carpets will be ideal. If a fresh coat of paint in required, this can be done as well to impress the buyer.  

Once the property has been leased ensure that you are a good landlord which is something that organisations look for. They prefer to have someone who will speak to them and be friendly so that their operating period in your space is enjoyable and argument free.